In a former life (before my newsletter started doing so well that I couldn’t afford to keep working in a job) I was a photographer. Mainly editorial, which means working for magazines and newspapers, though I started out photographing nasty things for the police in England and as a sideline snapped “Girl Friday” pictures for a local newspaper. They were non-nude glamour, and as a young, unattached man, it was a great way of meeting new girls 🙂

Before long I did work for many of England’s top newspapers (mainly football) and a number of magazines, plus travel stuff the British Tourist Authority.

Moving to Australia I did advertising and publicity shots for a charity (as well as working there as a copywriter/publicist) then became Chief Photographer on a motoring magazine, later moving into newspaper work where I ended up as chief photographer on a daily paper where I stayed for years until quitting to earn money online.

I’ve also worked on assignment for heaps of magazines including most of the leading womens mags. Had some great assignments like shooting sport in Asia, and shooting travel photos in the jungles of Borneo.

Now I mainly take holiday ‘snaps’, well travel pics I guess, and landscapes shot from my house and garden in the wilds of Queensland, Australia.


  1. Kate Wiley says:

    Looking at those has made me so, so homesick!!

    Even just silly things like standing on the back verandah watching the fires come up the mountain and wondering if we might have to be evacuated… Waking up in the morning and standing out looking over the mountains to the sea and giving the cat a cuddle or feeding the birds… even just being sat in the kitchen talking to mum while she cooks.

    I sat here with my colleagues peering over my shoulder with envy that I’d grown up in such a beautiful place, and I definitely shed a few tears…

    It makes me think I was mad to ever come to England…

    Can’t wait to be back in August!


  2. Ron Wagner says:

    Phil…the only reason for these few words is to thank you for the pix of your mountain home. What a tremendous reason to get homesick. I wish you God’s speed going back to your paradise.

    I’m living like I’m dying…and have a very short ‘bucket list’ Money is always the fun stopper!

    Keep up the good work.


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