Twitter Offline Marketing

twitter-creative-commons-imageI’ve been having a bit of a Twitter week. I got myself a Twitter name ages ago,  but that was just to stop someone else using my name and pretending to be me to push out spammy affiliate links. So until a few days ago I managed to just about ignore Twitter, deciding it’s would be both a distraction and a fairly pointless time waster. Then a few days ago online business genius Ken McCarthy sent out an email saying: “Never say never… For the longest time, I thought Twitter was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard of. Now all I can say is… “Would you like to read the news of my surrender on Twitter or on my blog?”  Here’s a link to Ken’s blog post.

After reading that post I spent a couple of hours reading more and more about how people are using Twitter to achieve business success.

But in the end I thought “Forget it. I don’t want to read 50 tweets or more a day from people telling me what they watched on TV or had for lunch, or pushing affiliate links for crappy get traffic schemes.

Then next day something happened to stir my interest in a big way.

Megan Henshall, a good friend of mine in England, runs a photo studio in a small village in the Lake District, and she wrote to tell me that this week she’s used Twitter marketing to get 4 bookings for portrait sittings.



And it’s not like she’s built up a long term relationship with these people – she’s only been using Twitter for about 5 or 6 weeks, and only “really got what it’s all about” in the past 9 or 10 days.

Four bookings for a photography studio. I find that amazing. Plus her studio regularly pulls in over a thousand pounds a shoot so we’re talking very good money here.

So how is she using Twitter for local marketing in such a small out of the way place?

Well I’ve asked her to write me a piece for my newsletter and this blog, telling you exactly how to use Twitter for local business.

So I hope to get it to you soon.

Though she’s not actually said yes yet, so maybe you could visit her Twitter page and bug her to write it for me 🙂

By the way, I’ve made a few Tweets now. So follow me… or whatever you call it when you read someones Tweets 🙂

You’ll find me at I promise I’m not going to post rubbish like “I ate a boiled egg and a slice of toast for breakfast”

Well, maybe a bit of rubbish. But I’ll try and make it amusing rubbish 🙂twitter-creative-commons-2