the ultimate site building software

I guess you’ve noticed that I’ve not been online much in the past month. Well, all year actually 🙂

That’s because, unlike most “internet marketers” who seem to blast you with a sales-pitch email every day or two, I prefer to earn my living building sites and “doing” instead of selling.

And to be frank, with many hundreds of domains earning me enough to have spent over five months of this year on vacation, I just don’t feel the need to put out this newsletter as often as I used to.

Having said that, I’m about to push a product at you 🙂

But seeing it’s one of the tools which let me spend a long time on vacation I’ve got no qualms about recommending it.

Back in May, when I last wrote about it here, it cost almost three thousand dollars to sign up, plus a hefty monthly fee. And after listening to <link removed, see note at bottom> plenty of people decided it was worth joining.

Now the original owner of the software has moved on, and the new owner has decided to allow a few more people to join. Plus, and this is not great news for those who originally signed up, he’s also dropped the hefty joining fee.

Now it’s just a monthly fee, which I’m pleased to say, has been pitched high enough to keep out all but serious players.

Anyway, if you want to know more you have to be VERY quick. The openings are most likely only available today, and fewer than ten spots are still up for grabs.

Follow this link: <link removed, see note at bottom>and listen to the audio, or if you want to be sure of getting in skip the audio and enter your name and email address in the form on that page to get the signup details.

One more thing I need to say on this: don’t even think of joining if you are a beginner. There’s a learning curve you wouldn’t be able to handle.

But if you know what you’re doing it’s possible to pump out hundreds of sites and/or sub domains a day. A friend I met up with in London in June told me that he’d taken a couple of weeks off work and built over 2000 web sites.

Another friend using the software said this week: “I started pulling in about US$200 per day after the first few weeks and then steadily climbed to cap off at around $700 per day.

He also said (in the very active user forum) “During this time we’re averaging an income of approximately US$23,000 p/m through adsense.”

And I happen to know that he’s also taken around 6 months vacation this year 🙂

Look, I know this has just been a sales promo, and if you’re not interested please forgive me.


Note: I’ve left this post up but the software is no longer available, and even if it was it wouldn’t work as well as it used to because Google didn’t like the sites and worked out how to stop them ranking highly.

( BTW, these days I mainly use WordPress for my sites…and it’s free 🙂 )