Letter from Phil 404 Graphics + Finding Time

Letter from Phil – 404 A few weeks ago in the Warrior Forum there was a WSO (special offer) for a huge graphics package. For a few minutes – as I scrolled through all the images offered – I was tempted to buy it. But really I knew that I’d never use 99% of them because they didn’t quite […]

Two hairy men with brilliant brains

Paul Myers and Tony Shepherd both write newsletters so hype-free and content packed that’d you’d be stupid not to read them. I’ve known Tony since he was a wee nipper (to speak in Yorkshire language, which is where we both come from). Well he seemed like a wee shy nipper at the time, but really it […]

quit your job

Quit your job Is it possible to quit your job in ninety days? Tony Shepherd, the author of this free report (value $97) did it in 97 days. I met up with Tony in England recently, and talked with him on camera on the very subject this free blueprint is about – how to quickly […]