Letter from Phil – 402 Why You Need A Mailing List

The Connection Between Eat Pray Love and Rotherham United Football Club + Why You Need A Mailing List +  Selling Ebooks On Clickbank Still Works. Congratulations to my old mate Grant Shapps. Last week the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, appointed Grant to one of the most powerful positions in the UK – chairman of Britain’s Conservative Party. Most of you will […]

How to really freak someone out

For the past few weeks I thought that I was dying, or at least about to lose an eye. About 4 years ago, taking photographs in the slums of Bangkok, I got a small cut in my left eye, and now and again (especially when I’m on a long haul flight) I’ll get a red, […]

Revamping my sites

I’ve decided to update the look (and functionality) of most of my sites for 2009. So what you’re looking at right now is just a work in progress, and might change a few times over the next week. I’m moving everything, except a number of my mini sites, to WordPress, and intend using the same […]