Letter from Phil – issue 398

Letter from Phil – issue 398 –  A quick look at Kindling – resident social media expert meeting – and a stuffup using the WordPress code editor A quick note about a WSO I saw yesterday while lurking on the Warrior forum (I’m often there, but I rarely take part in discussions).

Newsletter Changes – please give your feedback

Yesterday I spent some time looking back through my old ezines/newsletters and discovered that I’ve only written 67 “Letters From Phil” in the past four and a half years. I didn’t realize it was so few, and I almost feel ashamed about my output. What it does go to show though, is that unlike the […]

PLRpro and residual income

By far the best source of PLR material (in my opinion) is PLRpro run by Australians Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay. They’re closing their doors to new members for 3 months and when they reopen the price will double. If you get in today though, you’ll be “grandfathered” in and you will get the new […]