25 Must Read Writing & Content Marketing Articles

What is a Content Marketing Strategy (And Why Do I Need One?) Content Marketing: Forget About the 5% 50 Catchy Headline Idea Formulas That You Can Use on Your Blog How To Keep Writing Even When You Feel Like a Fraud  The Art of finding ideas 5 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy in […]

How to get free publicity

How to get free publicity – tell a story Years ago when I was a professional layabout and would-be novelist back in Yorkshire, and earning the odd crust writing for magazines and newspapers, I learned the value of a good story. One day I invented “The World Ferret Legging Champion” and earned so much from the […]

Letter from Phil – issue 397

Creating Hyperlocal Sites Have you considered setting up a truly local publishing venture? Depending on where you live, you could find yourself with a roaring success on your hands. A couple of weeks ago the UK’s Sunday Times ran a feature story in the small business section about two men in a small district of north […]

Letter from Phil issue 393 – Improve your content

Thought I’d try a different day for mailing this out. So instead of Saturday here it is today. And here’s what’s in this issue: 1. Premise lives up to its promise 2. Why you need to improve your content 3. Dumb subscriber abuse 4. A quick mention of something you dont seem to like I […]