From my hospital bed – long, rambling version

Six months ago after developing a rash and a fever which doctors initially thought was Dengue Fever, a virus transmitted by mosquitoes, I was rushed into hospital and after a week of being tested for over a hundred different viruses, I was diagnosed with a very rare auto immune illness (affecting just five in a […]

Think Backwards

I know this is not original thinking. It’s been said, in one form or another, many times before, but here’s a really simple success tip: Start with the end in mind and work backwards. Know exactly what you want your new project or site to look like. Know exactly what you want to achieve from […]

Making money in the recession – a story and ideas

A long-time friend of mine sent me this email yesterday. I found it depressing, but that’s probably because we’ve been friends for many years. Hi Phil Listen. I want to make money online like you do. We need money. This recession in England sucks, everything is getting so expensive. You wouldn’t believe the price of […]

Picasso and You and Internet Marketing

Dont join the masses, sell to them instead. Last weekend I made a flying visit to Brisbane to see an art exhibition: “Picasso & His Collection” only to discover that, with only a few exceptions, it was ( in my humble opinion) a disappointing collection of second rate artworks. But what I found more disappointing […]

Headline and Title writing tips

Why your headline is really really important … and ideas for creating a good one   Whether you rewrite a private label article or go the slow way and write your own from scratch, you should always come up with a snappy, interesting title. It’s the first thing that people see, and it either grabs […]

How to use Google Trends for niche research

Google Trends is really useful for some quick niche market research. Basically it’s a comparison tool on how different search terms have performed over time in the Google index. It also displays how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and which geographic regions have searched for them most often. The default search […]

Stop buying stuff you don’t need

You must have noticed that new product launches for internet marketing related products fly into your mailbox fast and furious. I doubt a day goes by without some new must have thing is launched at rocket speed and aimed straight at our credit cards… and like suckers we continue to buy. Only to later find […]