Two hairy men with brilliant brains

Paul Myers and Tony Shepherd both write newsletters so hype-free and content packed that’d you’d be stupid not to read them.

I’ve known Tony since he was a wee nipper (to speak in Yorkshire language, which is where we both come from). Well he seemed like a wee shy nipper at the time, but really it was only about 10 years ago. We met at an Internet Marketers mastermind type group, in the back room of a pub near Leeds. I was quite enjoying it until after lunch when I glanced at the written schedule I’d been given in the morning –  but not bothered reading – and suddenly learned that I was giving a talk for the rest of the afternoon.

It threw me so much that I refused to do it. I even hate talking to myself never mind other people. Perhaps if I’d downed 4 or 5 pints over the lunch break I’d have been ok. Though no one would have understood a word I said because I’d have been slurring so much.

In the end we did a fairly short Q&A session where I answered questions from the dozen or so marketers there, then I went back to Joe Robson’s house and spent the evening being filmed by a pro videographer Joe has hired for the evening. No idea what happened to the tapes. I never saw them.

But back to Tony and Paul – if you’re serious about this Internet Marketing Game, you really  need to subscribe to their newsletters. Paul’s is free and info packed. It comes out every week or so. Paul is famous from being a moderator on the Warrior Forum and a long string of low-cost quality how-to products which are very different to the over-hyped garbage you often find in the Internet marketing field. He’s one of the old timers at this game and seems to know everything there is to know about everything to do with running an online business. You’d be silly not to read his newsletter, especially as he never (or very,very rarely) sends out promo’s for anything.

Tony’s is very different but just as good. Well no offence to Paul, but really Tony’s newsletter is much better. Paul’s is mailed out as a regular email, Tony’s is an info packed PDF where he reveals, in detail, the inner working’s of his business. You have to pay for Tony’s. It’s $17 a month, but in it he discusses what he and his business partners have been working on for the past month – so it’s a bang-up-to-date what-works-right-now (and how to copy his efforts) newsletter. Full of how-to detail. Brilliant stuff.

Get hairy Paul Myers newsletter free and hype free. Solid tactics, tutorials, plus interesting ideas and advice from an Internet Marketing veteran. A must read!

Get hairy Tony Shepherd’s monthly ‘Affordable Mentoring’ PDF paid newsletter. It’s incredible value. Brilliant, useful, hype-free, no B/S stuff, from one of the UK’s top work-from-home masterminds. And a fellow Yorkshireman 🙂