Why Kindling will set your ebook sales on Fire

Geoff Shaw’s Kindling is widely regarded as the best training available for profiting from creating and selling books for Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader. Really I don’t need to say much about this because we’ve all read lots about the Kindle, and most of us probably own one, or even two.

Even though I love reading printed books the industry is slowly dying. Like you I know that the Kindle and other ebook readers are now dominating book sales, and whether we like it or not, ebooks are quickly causing the demise of both printed books and bookshops.

So it’s really important to learn all you can about writing and publishing for ebook readers.

Geoff’s Kindling training course is extremely comprehensive and covers everything you can think of including mindset, writing, marketing and outsourcing. It really beats the pants off any other site or product that teaches you how to write, publish, and profit from ebooks.

So if you have the slightest interest in writing and selling ebooks (or profiting from selling ebooks that you have written or outsourced) you should be grabbing your Kindling membership.It’s a low one-off cost, so no monthly fees.

So if you aren’t already a member of Geoff’s excellent Kindle training membership site now is the time to join.

For a lifetime membership to a site that already has a huge amount of constantly updated content and discussion, it’s a true bargain.