Product Creation

Unless you have a huge mailing list (that people have opted in to), or a big ad budget to spend on pay per click advertising (and you’re good at it and have the necessary tools) , I really believe that the real money is in creating and selling your own products. Personally I’ve made over half a million dollars from one quickly written ebook, and I’ve got friends who’ve made even more.

Here’s a post I made helping out a friend in England with product creation ideas and advice. And below are some product recommendations.

(note: this is a new page so it will be updated with more products and notes soon, plus links to full reviews)

Product Creation Lab Workshop

bluearrow Kevin Riley’s Product Creation Lab private workshop/course takes you through each step of creating a product – from idea to having it on sale – and as you progress through the course you actually build a complete info product business. You get videos, transcripts and worksheets mailed to you, and a member forum where you’ll be able to team up with someone to support you through it all and keep you accountable. This helps you keep momentum going and actually get on with doing it all. It’s just under $300 at the moment, I think. Also check out this youtube video from Maria Gudelis, who was a participant in the original workshop before Kevin expanded it into what you get now. It’s a sort of testimonial I suppose.

If Kevin’s private workshop is beyond your means at the moment, or you’re not prepared to commit so much and want to test the waters, you should check out his low-cost product creation reports (there are quite a lot of them) on different ways of creating products quickly.

He can help you a lot more than me because he’s a bit of a product creation genius 🙂

Create a HOT, Unique Product in As Little as 24 Hours.

bluearrowThe 24 Hour HOT Product Formula is the definitive guide to creating & launching a digital product in as little as 24 hours. Two and a half hours of over-the-shoulder video, plus all the information collected together and published in text format in an accompanying PDF workbook, from well known Internet marketer Chris Rempell

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