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Super Affiliate Spider Software.

Neil Shearing has started giving away his Spider software instead of selling it for the $80 it used to be. It’s a great little tool that goes off and scours the Internet to track down super affiliates and potential JV partners.

This is great if you’ve got a product of your own, but if you haven’t it can be used another way because it’s also very useful for finding sites in your niche that you can exchange links with, or better still get one way links to your site by posting in the forums or blogs of those sites. The more ‘quality’ backlinks you get to your site the higher your site will rank in the search engines.

Anyway, Neil sold thousands of copies at $80 a time (and it’s well worth that price) but he pulled it from sale in December to update and improve it, and now he’s giving it away. Yep free, and no catch, unless you think being taken to a page with a bargain offer of useful stuff is a catch. And you do have to leave your real email address before you can download it. But that’s a tiny price to pay for such useful software.

And being on Neil’s mailing list is no bad thing, because he’s a really nice bloke who’s been earning his living on the Internet for years and you’ll learn a lot from him. Plus he has an excellent reputation for being an all round good guy. He’s one of the best, and so is this software. Get the Super Affiliate Spider


Free Image Resizer.

And now for something completely different, VSO Image Resizer. (Windows only) It’s a nice little no-cost tool for resizing images before uploading them to your blog or other type of website.

It’s especially useful if you want to upload photographs you’ve taken on a digital camera because it dramatically shrinks the file size before uploading them (I know that a lot of people have trouble doing that and they upload or email massive files).

There’s even a setting that lets you automatically add a watermark to protect your pics, and/or add a copyright notice. Best of all you can process a whole batch at once, and save them all into an upload folder, cropped to fit the table width of your blog (I set mine to 500px which is the table width of the content section of most of my blogs)

I use it on most of the photo’s I upload my my sites : Get VSO Image Resizer here.


Free Writing Productivity Tool

Dr Wicked is fun (depending on your sense of humor), free, writing productivity tool that will help your churn out articles in record time.

You simply tell it how many words you want to write and over how long a time period (say 10 minutes), select which mode you want it to operate in – then you start writing.

If you cease for longer than a few seconds you suffer the consequences of whichever mode you selected. If you’re confident of keeping your writing going select the Kamikaze mode, which starts to delete the words you’ve written unless you start writing again. In a safer mode it just starts making rude noises if you slow down or pause too long.

It helped me bash out an 850 word article in record time, and I’m sure it will work for you too.

I reckon it’s a GREAT productivity too. Makes you write fast and get it finished 🙂


120 Free Graphics

Came across these the other day and thought they might interest you. 120+ hand-drawn arrows and other elements. There are even some hand-drawn RSS logos, and social marketing icons. And they’re set up so you can easily change the colors. No cost. And not even an optin needed.

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