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Probably a bit cheeky to include it here, but if you don’t read it yet please sign up. Like everything here it’s free. The signup form is below my photo on the right 🙂 <–FREE

bluearrow Paul Myers Free Ebook (and his legendary free ezine).

Don’t ask any questions, just race over there and grab this 100+ page book while he’s still giving it away.

And if you’re you’re one of the few people who doesn’t yet read his free ezine it’s a must. I’ve been a subscriber for many years.

Paul’s writing is helpful, interesting, often controversial, always opinionated, packed with useful info, and he doesn’t try and sell you stuff all the time. Hardly ever in fact. <–FREE


Free PPC Report.

If you are interested in pay per click (PPC) affiliate marketing (buying Ads on Google, Yahoo, and other sites to send people to affiliate offers) or even in general affiliate marketing, you should download this free report from PPC Classroom. You also get some very good videos.

The report is called: “How to Avoid the 5 Deadliest Mistakes that Keep 98% of Affiliates Dead Broke, and Join the Ranks of the Elite 2% of Super Affiliates.”

Importantly it’s written by Amit Mehta, a man who makes over $3.5 million a year using just PPC and affiliate marketing. Think you can learn something from a man making so much? Of course you can.

I’ve read it and it’s got some good advice in it. In fact muhc of what’s in it was previously in the PPC Classroom course which you had to pay for. Now you don’t. Get it here <–FREE


Free Saving and Making Money Report.

If you’ve got financial problems at the moment because of the recession read Michael Green’s excellent How To Beat The Recession report on how to cope with the crisis. It’s not really about Internet marketing, it’s just full of good and practical ideas on how to prosper in this current economic climate, and how to make what money you do have go further. Again, like everything on this page, it doesn’t cost anything. <–FREE

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