Think Backwards

I know this is not original thinking. It’s been said, in one form
or another, many times before, but here’s a really simple
success tip: Start with the end in mind and work backwards.

Know exactly what you want your new project or site to look like.

Know exactly what you want to achieve from it.

Draw a picture of it, maybe just in your mind. Not the steps of getting there, just the end product.

Only then, when you can picture what you want the end result to be, should you sit and work out how to get there.

It’s the same when you’re entering a niche for the first time. You’ve done research, found out that it’s not too competitive, seen that people are buying stuff in that niche. But where do you fit in? What are you after in that niche? You’ve got to ask yourself what you want from it. Where do you want to take it.

Then, only then, ask yourself how you’re going to get there.

What I’m saying I guess (because this is just quickly pouring out of my typing fingers and I’m not stopping to think) is don’t just do a bit of research and then throw up some quick sites and start getting a bit of traffic to them and then wait to see what happens.

Visualize it all instead.

Picture the end result.

If you do that you’ll KNOW in advance what’s going to happen when you get those sites up and start getting traffic. You’ll know because you’re working to a plan. You know what steps you have to take to get people coming to those sites, to get them participating in those sites, to get those people buying from you.

Something else you should do is look a year, two years, down the track.

What do you see yourself achieving in that niche?

Can you compete in that niche?

Are you sure you even want to be in that niche?

Can you sustain interest in it long enough? Or will it bore you so much that you start to neglect it?

What are you aiming for?

A whole network of mini sites that pull in affiliate commissions every day?

A content site so good that it takes number one spot in Google and rakes in advertising dollars?

A product of such high quality and appeal that all the top players in that niche want to be your affiliate?

What I’m saying is don’t just throw yourself blindly into something because keyword research tools suggest the demand it there.

What I’m saying is look ahead. Plan ahead. Know what you want and then work out how you’re going to get there.

Think backwards.