Letter from Phil – issue 394 – Four hour product creation


Well so much for getting a newsletter out every week. This one's been 11 days. I've got an excuse though. I'm one of those two finger typists and I sliced one of them open with a carving knife while I was cutting up some fillet steak for the cat. … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil issue 393 – Improve your content


Thought I'd try a different day for mailing this out. So instead of Saturday here it is today. And here's what's in this issue: 1. Premise lives up to its promise 2. Why you need to improve your content 3. Dumb subscriber abuse 4. A quick … [Continue reading]

Words to live by


  These are words to live by and work by. Think about these words when you're working on a product to sell online. … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil issue 392 – Blood and Boobs


Because I’m itching to get back into full productivity, and get more done in less time, I bought this book “Blogwise: How to do more with less”, released a just a few days ago. It’s a look inside the heads of nine successful bloggers including Leo … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil issue 391 – The Comeback Kid


Ok, I'm coming alive again. # Getting back in action. # Feeling the urge to create. # Feeling the desire to help you with your online business challenges. I'd write "getting back in the saddle" but that seems to have sexual connotations, … [Continue reading]

Curationsoft review


For Christmas I bought my daughter Kate a great piece of low-cost software called CurationSoft, to help her fill her niche sites with fresh content, and to get more traffic to them so that she makes more money. Note: updated traffic stats near … [Continue reading]

My smallest ever affiliate commission and my biggest


Just made my smallest affiliate commission in 13 plus years of online marketing :) Though at least it gave me a laugh :) and I didn't have to do anything new to earn it because it was from a 2-tier program for Profits Theme, which I promoted in my … [Continue reading]

Feeling sad today

deer park - small

My lovely daughter Kate has just left Australia to live permanently in England. Moving from Melbourne which is rated as the 2nd most livable city in the world (after Vancouver) to live near London, rated 53rd in the world. And it's partly my fault … [Continue reading]