Letter from Phil – 406 – Your Rise to the Top


I Know You Want To Become A Product Creator Since I started regularly writing my newsletter again, and pointing you towards useful tools and training, by far the biggest selling product I've talked about was The 4 Hour Product. This shows me that … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil 405 – Profiting From PLR + More


Until fairly recently I'd always shied away from selling or even using PLR material. That's Private Label Rights to you uninitiated. (I'm guessing that the vast majority of you already know what PLR means but a few relatives and old journo friends … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil 404 Graphics + Finding Time


Letter from Phil - 404 A few weeks ago in the Warrior Forum there was a WSO (special offer) for a huge graphics package. For a few minutes - as I scrolled through all the images offered - I was tempted to buy it. But really I knew that I'd never … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil – 403 – keywords and niches

check blog post ranking

For a while I've been meaning to write shorter but more frequent newsletters. So here's the first short (ish) one. Now let's see if I can boost the frequency. By the way, I've starting posting a lot more on Facebook recently, so if you're not … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil – 402 Why You Need A Mailing List


The Connection Between Eat Pray Love and Rotherham United Football Club + Why You Need A Mailing List +  Selling Ebooks On Clickbank Still Works. Congratulations to my old mate Grant Shapps. Last week the British Prime Minister, David … [Continue reading]

How to get free publicity


How to get free publicity - tell a story Years ago when I was a professional layabout and would-be novelist back in Yorkshire, and earning the odd crust writing for magazines and newspapers, I learned the value of a good story. One day I invented … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil – issue 401 – UK Workshop


Here's an issue mainly of interest to my UK readers (though there is some other stuff) Right, let's get on with it. Here's what you'll find below. 1. The Best Ever Internet Marketing Workshop. 2. More on Wordpress Security plugins. 3. A … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil – issue 400 Newbie to $350k


Newbie to $350k + 10th Anniversary of Quitting my Job A really short one today because I'm still recovering from the operation I had last week. But I couldn't hold off on writing this issue because yesterday was the 10th anniversary of quitting … [Continue reading]