Stop buying stuff you don’t need

You must have noticed that new product launches for internet marketing related products fly into your mailbox fast and furious. I doubt a day goes by without some new must have thing is launched at rocket speed and aimed straight at our credit … [Continue reading]

Avoiding the duplicate content penalty

If you're one of the masses of people who build sites using content from the free articles directories, you should start getting worried about the duplicate content issue.Personally I think that Google (and the other major search engines) are going … [Continue reading]

I’m back online

It's been a while since I last wrote a newsletter. It's just that I got back from my 10 week long overseas jaunt, attending Yanik's Underground Seminar in Washington and Jim Edwards Ebook Workshop in London among other things,  to find my … [Continue reading]

One no-cost way of getting indexed and ranked fast

Here's my latest newsletter Letter from Phil...335  - Apr 18th 2006 Affiliate Programs - Business tactics and ideas. _______________________________________________________'s what you'll find inside today: What I'm up to right … [Continue reading]

Is there a shortcut to a high search engine ranking?

"There MUST be a fast, smart, easy way to get a high ranking (eg in Google) for a range of selected keywords?" a reader of my Letter from Phil newsletter asked me today. The bad news is there's no short cut to getting ranked high except … [Continue reading]

xsitepro success story

Got a great email today from Paul Smithson, the creator of XsitePro.I haven't told him I'm posting this here, so I hope he doesn't mind :) Hi PhilI wanted to thank you for all your help last year.Meeting you in Starbucks in Leeds was quite a … [Continue reading]

Where’s the forum gone?

What's happened is that one particular poster (whose identity we don't know) got abusive, so we did everything we could to ban him from posting. However, because we were using an old script we had limited banning options. To cut a long story short … [Continue reading]

do you need an opt-in list?

Someone asked me by email today: "doesn’t the profitability hinge on having a good opt-in list(s)" Here's my answer:well a good opt in list really helps, but I make money every day from web sites that don't collect email … [Continue reading]