Want to work for me?

Writers, etc, wanted. Yep, I'm hiring (freelancers/part-timers) I used to employ my daughter Kate as a full time writer, but now that she's living the high life as a public relations wizard cum copywriter in London's Canary Wharf and sharing a … [Continue reading]

Get a free wiki based mini site

Don't know if you've seen Jotspot, but it's a wiki based application that lets you put tons of stuff up online - blogs, calendars, spreadsheets, photo galleries, and virtual filing cabinets that you, and other people in your team can edit and … [Continue reading]

Internet marketer on dialup

I've not been able to get online much for a couple of weeks, and to write this I've had to drive into town to use an internet cafe where I had to queue for 45 mins. Here's why: For a few weeks now my "broadband" internet connection has been so … [Continue reading]

You can now add comments

Just thought I'd let you know that I've now enabled comments, after getting blog spam issues sorted out. I’ve set them to need approval though, so until I log in and approve them your comment won't show. So from now on, feedback … [Continue reading]

Get this affiliate tool quick

Step Press: this will sell out today - so you'd better skip watching the videos, quickly skim the sales letter, decide if it will help you make more affiliate sales (it will) and buy right now. don't wait. It's down to around the last 20 copies at … [Continue reading]

Good new FREE sitebuilder

A couple of days ago a new Adsense/Affiliate type site builder was released, and I think you're going to be blasted with emails about it over the next week. I'm not going to use it myself because I'm concentrating on this newsletter for a while, … [Continue reading]

Sick of Firesales? I am.

Back in June I mentioned how sick I am of all these Internet "Firesales" where you end up buying all this stuff you don't need. You get lured in because they seem like bargains, with 6, 10, 20, or even more products, all thrown together for what … [Continue reading]

How to use Google Trends for niche research

pantyhose or stockings

Google Trends is really useful for some quick niche market research. Basically it's a comparison tool on how different search terms have performed over time in the Google index. It also displays how frequently your topics have appeared in Google … [Continue reading]