my brother the writer

high density gardeningMy younger brother Richard has just written his first book. It’s called High Density Gardening, and it’s all about no-dig, deep-bed backyard vegetable growing. If you’ve ever thought of growing fruit and vegetables in your back yard this is a perfect book. Even if you only have a couple of square feet to spare.

As far as I recall, gardening is a subject I’ve never written about before. That’s because it doesn’t fit in with the general theme of this newsletter, and also because gardening is something I have little interest in.

Perhaps that’s because gardening is so easy here in the sub-tropics. As easy as throwing a half eaten tomato, or just about
anything else with seeds, off the balcony into the garden and then a few months later going down and picking the crop.

Anyway, if you’re a gardener in less hospitable climes than mine, I’d like to recommend it to you. It’s well written, and gardeners are enthusiastic about it.

Well known Internet marketer and gardening enthusiast, Martin Avis, says:

"I sat down to read and was immediately absorbed. Your writing
style is very personable and down to earth, (pardon the pun), and I
was hooked from page one.

I learned a lot from your book – things that I knew but hadn’t really
understood and things that I didn’t already know. I even learned a
whole new way of laying out a vegetable patch that I’d not even
suspected before – but will put into action on my plots right away.
The only problem with your ‘High Density Gardening’ was that once
I started reading I couldn’t stop – and lost several hour’s gardening
time this afternoon! Still, with what I’ve learned, it will have been time
very well invested."
Martin Avis.

By the way, Ric is looking for affiliates, so if you have a well trafficked gardening site (or you use SpeedPPC 🙂 ) you can get in touch with him at highdensitygardening  AT googlemail DOT com