Letter from Phil – issue 410 – simple member sites

Over the years I’ve bought lots of membership site software with the intention of starting a member site.

But something (most often my lack of technical expertise and insistence on doing it all myself) always got in the way. So even though I know that a member site is the best way of making a reliable recurring income online I never got around to starting one, because each and every time I put it in motion I struggled like crazy with learning how to use the software and the processes involved. You’re probably in the same technically challenged boat.

But things could be about to change because I’ve just been testing Easy Quick Member, a new member site plugin for WordPress from Welly Mulia and his team (the people behind ProfitsTheme and Zaxaa)

And I’ve got to say that Easy Quick Member (EQM) is so simple and powerful that it easily beats everything I’ve bought in the past. In other words it’s so easy to use that even I can do it. And if I can do it so can you.

Now I’m smart enough to know that the above paragraph sounds like sales spiel. Like hype to try and talk you into buying it.


1. I really am that technically challenged (as I know a lot of you are).


2. Even after being off ill for years I’m not broke and desperate to sell you something.


3. That you’re still reading this newsletter of mine, years after I last promoted it to get more subscribers, means a lot to me. So there’s no way I’d jeopardise our relationship just to make a few affiliate sales.

Now I’m not spinning some reverse psychology b/s here. I really do¬†value the fact that you’re still reading the words that flow from¬†my head to my typing fingers. Rubbish as they might be sometimes ūüôā

Anyhow, if I was pitching a product because I was broke and¬†desperate I’d be pushing something far more expensive, paying far¬†higher affiliate commissions. Plus I’d go for a product making me¬†recurring income, rather than the small one-off affiliate¬†commission that will come my way when you get Easy Quick Member¬†(EQM)

EQM is low-cost for one reason. And that’s because Welly and his¬†team are based in Indonesia (north of Australia) where the cost of¬†living is very low. Wages, office space, housing, and food are far¬†lower than in most ‘western’ countries so they can sell software¬†at what most of us find a bargain price.

Welly, of course, is well known for his ProfitsTheme WordPress theme which offers basic member site functions. It was, and continues to be, a big seller.

However the one department it’s lacking in is the membership side¬†of things. Quite simply it’s never been as good as it should¬†have been. And though it works it has a very limited range of¬†features (for example you can’t use it to drip feed content).

So now he’s launched Easy Quick Member which is a completely¬†different beast because 1. It works with almost any WordPress¬†theme. And 2. It’s got functions that help it beat any other member¬†site software I’ve looked at. Plus it is VERY SIMPLE to use.

It’s just about all point and click stuff, controlled from just¬†one admin page. And it works out of the box with all the major¬†payment processors and affiliate systems including Infusionsoft,¬†Clickbank, JVZoo, WSO Pro, Zaxaa, and PayPal. Plus it integrates¬†with with the main email autoresponders like Aweber, GetResponse,¬†iContact, and MailChimp letting you automatically add members to¬†your lists.

But like I said above Рthe single most important reason you should use EQM over other options is that EQM is the EASIEST to use and QUICKEST to set up, without compromising on features.

And on top of all that it’s perhaps the lowest cost option available.


Naturally EQM integrates perfectly with Welly’s ProfitsTheme¬†turning that softwares rudimentary member site features into¬†something far more advanced.

But what I’ve done is ignore the fact that I’ve got a multi¬†site licence for ProfitsTheme and as a test is install it on a new¬†Wordpress site I’ve set up that’s powered by OptimizePress.

Welly probably won’t like me saying this but I much prefer the way¬†(the far more expensive) OptimizePress looks right out of the box.

Anyway I was expecting trouble combining the 2 products but I¬†installed in and configured it in minutes. It’s all simple point¬†and click stuff. Just tick a few boxes, add in a few details like¬†your Paypal email address and it will be up and running with zero¬†problems and no fuss.

OptimizePress 2 has it’s own inbuilt membership plugin of course,¬†but it’s fairly basic and just to name one missing function lacks¬†the ability to drip feed content to individuals monthly. This alone¬†makes it nowhere near as powerful and as easy to use as Easy Quick¬†Member.

But together they’re a dream come true.

Are you going to see a member ship site from me? I’m not sure.¬†But you’re certainly going to see one from Kate.

And talking of Kate here’s her piece for this weeks newsletter.


Kate: Over the last few months since I had my youngest daughter,¬†who is now 22 weeks, I’ve developed quite an obsession with fitness¬†and I decided to try and get in the best shape of my life.

This led me to try my hand (again!) at running. I’ve always loved¬†the idea of running… you see those super fit people springing¬†along beside the road barely breaking a sweat as you stare at them out of your car, envying and not understanding them at the same time.¬†I always wanted to be one of those people.

Anyway, I’m taking it slow because I had a car accident a couple of¬†weeks back and I’ve had a bad neck from it, but this weekend was my¬†second try at outdoor running. I decided to run from my house, which¬†is on the outskirts of the town I live in, all the way to the High¬†St in the town centre. It’s not terribly far, about 5km, but it’s up¬†and down hills and I had a real mental block about it.

Now, I’m not a small lady. I’ve had two tough pregnancies where¬†exercise was out of the question and I have Phenylketonuria a¬†medical condition that can – and often does – result in obesity¬†(mainly because of the minimum protein diet we have to live with¬†and the high calorie powdered ‘formula’ that replaces things like¬†eggs, cheese, milk, fish, meats, and nuts in our diet).

Well, I was running along, minding my own business and facing up to¬†a hill thinking “right, time to have a walk break I think” when¬†three young guys in a pub car park started mocking me.

I had my headphones on and I couldn’t hear their words, but I could¬†see their gestures and I got the drift… they were making fun of¬†the fat girl running.

So what did I do? Smiled, ran faster and ran up and over that hill.

Sure, I felt like I was going to puke half way up and my legs were¬†on fire, but I pushed through and I didn’t look back. And that¬†smile was genuine, too. I was achieving something, smashing through¬†mental and physical barriers, and I was proud of myself. I was¬†proving the haters wrong.

The point I’m trying to make is this – people might not understand¬†why you are trying to make a living online, they might even tell¬†you not to waste your energy, that it’s just a get rich quick scheme¬†or that you’re bound to fail because you don’t have the ability or¬†the knowledge.

You shouldn’t let their negativity curb your passion, motivation¬†or enthusiasm. You shouldn’t even listen to these people’s¬†negativity. It might be a slow process, but you can do anything in life (whether¬†it’s getting fit or building an income online) by simply putting¬†one foot in front of the other and taking it one step at a time.

Ok, that’s it for today.

Phil & Kate


  1. Hi Phil & Kate,

    Interesting to hear about the Easy Quick Member membership plugin. I bought DAP earlier this year, but I don’t personally do the grunt work, so not sure how easy or difficult it is to use.

    Very good point about not letting the naysayers steal our dreams. It (trying to lose fat, building an online business) can be hard, but you know what, when we prove them naysayers wrong, it is the best feeling ever. (coming from someone who battled obesity till I was 18, and then went through ups and downs, but battled on to get to the fittest I’ve ever been in my life, this year).

    As tough as it is to to lose fat on low protein diets, stay strong, and keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Ben, and well done on winning your own battle with obesity! I think not letting others bring us down is something that can apply to pretty much everything in life and it’s so true that when you prove those who said you couldn’t wrong the victory is oh-so-sweet!