Letter from Phil – 408 – Make a Connection

A lot of internet marketing success comes from making connections.
Things happen when you’ve got connections.

It’s easier of course in these Facebook and LinkedIn days, but still nothing beats the business connections you meet in person.

Matt Garrett kindly sent me a copy of his “Ultimate Social” Wordpress plugin yesterday, just because I once bought him a beer. Well that’s a bit of a fib really because we’ve had lots of beers together over the years. (I’ll let you know my thoughts on the plugin once I’ve properly tested it).

And Marlon Sanders has just said some nice things about my return to life on Facebook. Things he probably wouldn’t have said if we hadn’t met in person.

The first time I ever saw Marlon he was sitting in a hotel cafe in Vegas and I was too in awe of him  to walk over and say hello. That was in the days before I knew he was just a big softie.

Last time we bumped into each other in Washington DC he bought me a cup of Chai tea in Starbucks. Not being a tea drinker Chai probably wasn’t the best introduction to the brew (I haven’t had a tea since) but my long chat with him was priceless. No idea now what we talked about but we made a connection and became friends and that what’s priceless.

Kate’s at the KISS 2 Workshop/Seminar in London right now and she’s making connections too. Her name badge, if people are wearing them, will say Kate Buckland. So go and have a chat with her. Make a connection.