Letter from Phil – issue 409 – A free lesson from Marlon

Letter from Phil – issue 409


The other day I told Marlon Sanders that my daughter Kate had just returned home from the KISS2 workshop in London and said he was the hit of the show, even though he wasn’t there in person and just did a 10 minute presentation by video link.

“The audience couldn’t stop laughing and they all thought you were marvellous.”

Sounds like Kate, and a lot of the other women, have fallen for Marlon’s charms.

By coincidence a day or two ago Marlon released a new book which I think is a must-buy. The sales letter alone is a marketing and creativity lesson in itself. Plus there’s a time-limited special offer on it. More on the book further down, but first here’s a piece from Kate about the KISS2 workshop.

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I’ve just walked in the door after spending the weekend at Martin Avis’s KISS2 seminar in London. As someone who hasn’t done a lot of networking with internet marketers in the past – and no networking of any kind for some years now – I was pretty anxious about what I had signed myself up for but over these past few days I feel like something really fundamental has changed with my mindset and I’m ready to do big things.

The last newsletter was all about the value of making connections, and although the information I picked up from the KISS2 presenters was worth its weight in gold, it turns out it wasn’t just the seminar content that has set my mind ready to explode with fresh ideas for niches, sites and business plans to sort through. The opportunity for networking has been just as valuable, with new friends made, JVs discussed, products started and so much advice my head is spinning and I think with the amount I’ve talked since I got home my husband is probably ready to hide in a cupboard and pretend he can’t hear me in the hope it will stop 🙂 But more on those connections later.

The whole reason I went along to KISS2 was to learn and I wasn’t disappointed. As a writer, Christine Clayfield’s presentation on self publishing resonated strongly with me and left me desperate to have a go at publishing my own books as a way of making an income. Christine banked over £1 million last year through self publishing and once you hear how she has overcome the odds to find internet marketing success and get where she is today it’s pretty hard not to feel a bit emotional and very inspired.  She’s also the author of the bestseller From Newbie to Millionaire, which is well worth reading. To be honest, I learned valuable lessons from each and every one of the speakers and I would have spent hours picking their brains if I could!

It wasn’t all serious though… a video message on product creation from Marlon Sanders had the room in stitches – we were all highly entertained and absolutely rolling with laughter… now that is a man I’d like to have a drink with! Watching the way people responded to Marlon’s style has actually taught me a really important lesson on just how important it is to inject your personality into what you do.

I think the best part of the whole weekend was the opportunity to network with some of the big names in internet marketing. Over the past 48 hours it has really struck me just how lucky we are as internet marketers – in no other business are the expert so willing to help others and share information. I was lucky enough to interview Christine along with Rob Cornish and Sarah Staar while I was there, and each of them was so giving of their time and ideas to make the product I’m working on even better than it already will be. I was very humbled by that… that kind of professional generosity just doesn’t happen in a corporate environment, or at least it didn’t happen anywhere I worked! If I hadn’t made the effort to get out and make connections that might not have happened, so it goes to show just how powerful getting out and networking can be.

So I’m sat here now absolutely buzzing with ideas and bubbling over with enthusiasm for every single one of them. Professionally I can say without a shadow of doubt it was the best weekend of my life and now my biggest challenge is going to be to focus on one thing at a time, turn that enthusiasm into income and give myself the chance to truly appreciate living the internet lifestyle.

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Ok, onto Marlon’s new book.

It’s called Marlon’s Book of Secrets and I defy you to read the sales page and not want to buy it.

The sales page is a whole marketing lesson in itself. It taunts and teases you until you find buying it irresistible. The added bonus is that it’s a product the delivers real value and is jam packed with fresh, creative thinking.

Even if you’re not in a buying mood, or you’ve spent your budget for the month, just go and learn from his persuasive writing. Like Marlon himself it’s brilliant. There’s no point in me trying to ‘sell’ this to you. For one thing I don’t like selling. In fact I’m a hopeless salesman. But the sales letter is an education so and read it.

Study it. Learn from it. And that’s just the salesletter. Imagine what you’ll discover in the book 🙂


  1. Robert Lee says:


    So pleased to see you back in the game. Every time I visit York I think of our meeting. Research j konrath on Kindle …..

    • You’re not telling me that you’re J Konrath are you Rob? I knew you’d been quiet on the site building front for a few years but I figured you’d been kidnapped by pirates off Africa. Assuming you’re NOT the rich author with the books on amazon I hope you’re keeping happy and healthy 🙂

      • Robert Lee says:

        Check for me on Linkedin. I have a few ebooks on Amazon but have been doing Marine related stuff for last six years, you know my thoughts on the so called “gurus” who milked the desperate…..also a Granda as of last month. Fiction does better on Kindle than non fiction……historical stuff especially. You should document your adventures on Lunday especially the “Milk Tray Man” dive with the film……………

        • Well I would check you on Linkedin but I’ve never joined 🙂 Though a couple of days ago I found someone on there pretending to be me and reported him.

    • Rob, so ARE you j konrath ? If not why did you mention him?