Letter from Phil – issue 401 – UK Workshop

Here’s an issue mainly of interest to my UK readers (though there is some other stuff)

Right, let’s get on with it. Here’s what you’ll find below.

1. The Best Ever Internet Marketing Workshop.

2. More on WordPress Security plugins.

3. A superb niche video theme for WordPress

As usual it’s a bit long. Even though I keep deciding to write short newsletters I haven’t quite managed it.


The Best Ever Internet Marketing Workshop.

If you’re in the UK, or can be there in mid-October, the best ever Internet Marketing Workshop is coming up.

One of my oldest Internet Marketing friends Martin Avis (who runs the wonderful London Lunches…on the left is a photo of us together at one of them) is the man behind the workshop – and he’s lined up a really great cast of speakers / teachers.

I’ve used the word teachers because that’s what they’ll be doing – teaching you how to earn more online.

It’s definitely not going to be one of those pitch-fest events where you feel like you’ve somehow stumbled into a lair of sleazy car salesmen while wearing a big gullible sticker plastered to your forehead.

One of the speakers is Rob Cornish who has gone from zero to earning over $350k in the past 18 month or so. He’s going to show you how you can achieve the same results. I wrote about him and how he did it in issue 400

Another is the lovely and intelligent Sarah Staar, who I had the pleasure of sitting next to at a London Lunch a couple of years ago.

The other good looker is social media expert Jo Dodds.

The rest are all men (Neil Stafford, Andrew Hansen, Gary Vurnum and Martin) so whether they’re considered attractive or not I can’t really say.

Anyhow looks, and whether or not they have charisma and stage presence, have nothing to with this workshop.

It’s a pure teaching event. Whatever your skill level you’re going to learn something from these big earners to boost your own income.

Though, of course, it’s also about having fun and making contacts too – there’ll be some great networking opportunities (especially in the bar on Saturday night) where you’ll meet people you’ll probably do business with for years.

Just one technique or idea that someone shares with you ‘after hours’ when you’re grabbing a bite to eat or sitting in the bar can financially benefit you in a big way. I’ve found that attending this kind of workshop ‘always’ more than pays for itself.

If I was fit to fly I’d definitely be there. Sadly I can’t make it. But you probably can. So you should get a ticket now before they’re sold out


More on WordPress Security

A couple of issues ago, in newsletter 399, I wrote about the WordPress security plugins I use to lockdown my blogs and help secure them from hackers and other people who like causing mischief.

Two of the plugins I wrote about, Login Lockdown and WordPress Firewall 2 hadn’t been updated in ages – so slightly concerned about this I tested the highly rated Better WP-Security plugin on a newish blog.

Got to say that I’m sure it works perfectly well but I just didn’t like it. And seeing it makes many changes to your WordPress database I’d be loath to risk it on existing blogs. In fact, when I mentioned that I was going to try it out reader Ed Ertl (aka Ed Tario) wrote and warned me of his bad experiences with it. In part he said “I had it on my site and got constant reminders of thousands of undecipherable file changes and the like. The list of enabled security measures is pretty but just try to back out of this plugin when you change your mind”

Ed went on to say that he had to delete his (newish) blog and start all over again.

Better WP-Security is rated very highly on the WordPress plugin site and I’m sure it does a great job. I just didn’t like it. If you are a happy user please post a comment when I get this issue online.

Anyhow a few days ago I came across a security plugin I’d somehow missed seeing before – Wordfence

It combines the features of Login Lockdown and Firewall 2 plus adds quite a lot of other things. I’m very impressed, especially as it picked up an encrypted backlink to a malware site hidden in the help file of a plugin.

According to their website here’s what it does:”Wordfence Security is a free enterprise class security plugin that includes a firewall, anti-virus scanning, malicious URL scanning and live traffic including crawlers. Wordfence is the only WordPress security plugin that can verify and repair your core, theme and plugin files, even if you don’t have backups”

It’s free with a paid upgrade option which you might not feel the need for.
I’ve now removed my existing security plugins and I’m running the free version of Wordfence on all my blogs.


A superb niche video theme for WordPress

This new low-cost video theme for WordPress has really grabbed my attention.

Within seconds of looking at the demo site (and then hopping onto YouTube to check out a few niche ideas which had popped into my head) I’d got so many video site ideas that I had to grab a notebook and make a list of them.

Happily the theme comes with both multi-site and developer’s licence at no extra cost.

Personally I rarely sell sites, preferring to sit on them for long term gain, but it’s nice to know that you use the theme to build sites to sell if you want to.

Basically what it does is let you run a keyword search then it pulls in videos from YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo and DailyMotion.

My test niche using the keywords “injection moulding” and “injecting molding” (I build affiliate and AdSense sites in weird niches) found over 7600 videos on YouTube, 180 on Vimeo, 1000 on Metacafe, and 6800 on Daily Motion.

No idea how many were duplicates because it would have taken me days to look through them all, but with so many videos your viewers aren’t likely to come across any before they leave your site – hopefully by clicking on one of your ads.

You can use the theme to build sites very quickly then easily monetize them by displaying AdSense Ads or affiliate links/banners.

Getting your ads to display in the sidebar is simple (just drag a text widget into your sidebar and paste in your Google AdSense code. The 300px wide one fits perfectly)

Placing them above or below individual videos is a bit tricky. I found that you can easily solve the problem by using an advertising or AdSense plugin from the WordPress plugin depository.

If you get the theme from my link (and find yourself short of niche ideas) email me and I’ll share some of my ‘secret’ industrial and other ‘hidden’ niches with you.

This superb video theme, at around the $12 mark, is very low cost especially when you consider that you get a developer licence thrown in so you can create sites and sell them on.

Ok that’s it for this issue. Look out for another one towards the end of the week.



  1. Byron Welch says:

    ..Some great advice there Phil. About daily habits and what we can
    learn and adapt from them our daily news. Thanks, gave that a try
    and a new idea was born.