Letter from Phil – issue 400 Newbie to $350k

Newbie to $350k + 10th Anniversary of Quitting my Job

A really short one today because I’m still recovering from the operation I had last week.

But I couldn’t hold off on writing this issue because¬†yesterday was the 10th anniversary of quitting my job to work online ūüôā¬†

Not that I’ve been keeping track of it. I just happened to be searching for something else in Evernote when I spotted a story I’d written in a old newsletter.

“I’ve quit my job”

Ah, but it was easier back then, I can hear you thinking.¬†And perhaps that’s true. It was certainly less competitive.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done these days.

Rob Cornish from London is a great example. In 2010 he¬†didn’t even know how to register a domain name. He was¬†a total newbie online, and struggled for 7 months before¬†figuring out a success formula that has since earned him well over $350k.

He’s running a WSO which has been snapped up by over 1000 people already.

Newbie to $350k

“Discover and Replicate the Exact Secret Blueprint which took me from Idiot Newbie to over $350,000 Generated Online in just over 18 Months”

It’s a bit of a hypey headline, but the content of his training certainly isn’t. It’s top-notch. And¬†also very low cost at around $10 for over 3 hours of video training where he details exactly how you can copy his success.

If you’ve been a reader of my newsletter for a while you’ll know that I’m always moaning about my terrible¬†Internet connection, so I rarely watch videos – even¬†short You-Tube ones. But I bit the bullet with this¬†course, downloading them in the middle of the night¬†when my connection speeds up, and I’ve spent half the day watching them.

Not that I’ve seen them all yet because the info is¬†so good (with plenty of tips and ideas for advanced marketers) that I kept pausing them to take notes.

This bargain also comes with a mindmap and a 10 page blueprint detailing the steps you need to take to duplicate his methods. You can grab it here if it’s still available

# # #

Lot’s of marketers (I’m not talking about Rob, we’ve¬†moved onto other things) hype up the fact that you can join their program, buy their product, set it running and make money on auto-pilot for years to come.

Well things just don’t work that way. Generally you’ve got to keep working to keep things running smoothly. A few weeks off here and there doesn’t matter too much, but try not working for two or three months and you’ll find your search engine rankings slipping,
your advertising not working as well or at all, and competitors overtaking you on every corner.

This is just like running an offline business. Sit back and do nothing, stop marketing and promoting and trying new ideas to get people into your store or to use your services – and every business around you will say thank you and grab your clients or customers.

I guess I’m back on my old mantra here – and that’s that you’ve GOT to treat working at home on the¬†Internet as if it was a business you’d paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy or setup.

If you just play around and don’t devote any time to it, if you don’t plan what you’re doing, if you don’t put in a lot of time and energy, if you don’t have vision, if you’re not excited by it all, then you’re just not going to get anywhere.

You’re going to be crawling along, while all around you people who take it more seriously and treat it like the business it is, are going to be charging past you.

You need to know where you’re going – and work hard at getting there. Be energetic, be enthusiastic, and above all enjoy yourself while you’re doing it.

The way I look at things is: Treat this business seriously. But don’t treat life too seriously.

Ok, that’s it for today.



  1. You know Phil I think anyone who can write well still has a tremendous opportunity to make a substantial living from residual income on the Internet and here’s why I say this.

    About 18 months ago a friend of mine who runs a successful fitness business in Canberra approached me and asked if I could help him build a website to sell a downloadable fitness guide.

    He had never sold anything on the web before nor new anything about affiliate programs.

    I laid out the steps he would need to take to launch the product.

    1. Write the ebook which he did in PDF format. This wasn’t hard because it contains content he already had created for the business.

    2. Create copy for the landing page. This wasn’t hard has he based it on other fitness product websites he had seen.

    3. Join Clickbank and setup his product account. I’m a little hazy here because he sells the ebook for $97.00 and I’m sure there is a $50 limit on new Clickbank sellers. But as I say I’m hazy on that bit.

    4. Register a domain

    5. Create the website. (I did this for him with wordpress and host it for him)

    6. Setup an adwords account and bid on some keywords

    7. Launch.

    The whole process took no longer than a month from scratch. He continued the Adwords until Google started sending generic search results and then he cancelled Adwords.

    The bottom line here is that the site started paying virtually from day one and to this day is earning several hundred dollars each month on autopilot.

    I was talking to my friend the other day because he now realises that by accident he has developed the system he can duplicate. He plans to keep building similar sites targeted to the niche he knows well. He’ll just duplicate everything he did on the first site but plans to build a new site every month or so until he’s established a comfortable income.

    I think it will work and he’s proven it’s not rocket science but based on Googles willingness to rank unique content. Ha has a passion and expertise in the niche he targeted.

    He never worried about SEO or backlink chasing but relied on the onsite SEO WordPress implements.

    Anyway just though I would post this and hope it is of some benefit to your readers.

    By the way I’ll be happy to let your readers know the URL of the website if they want to send a request via yourself.