Letter from Phil – 406 – Your Rise to the Top

I Know You Want To Become A Product Creator

Since I started regularly writing my newsletter again, and pointing you towards useful tools and training, by far the biggest selling product I’ve talked about was The 4 Hour Product.

This shows me that many of you are (quite rightly) interested in creating and profiting from your own products.

That product, which was only available for a few weeks, gave you the blueprint to succeed – if you just took some action and put in some time and hard work.

But I’ll bet that the vast majority of you didn’t do that. You’ve got product ideas – you want to get your own products on sale – but you’re not taking action. You’re just not getting it done.

Which is why I like the low-cost 31 day training and motivational course called One Month Small Reports Mastery.

writing small reports for money

It’s all about writing very short 7-15 page niche reports and getting them on sale quickly. And the great thing about it is that everything is broken down into daily action steps for 31 days.

You do assignments just like you’re back in school but after a month, if you’re a slow-coach who doesn’t jump ahead, you end up with a ready-to-sell product.

However seeing that most of the daily assignments are quick to complete you could easily do 4-5 in one day if you wanted, and have a product on sale after a week.

Very recommended for anyone wanting to grow their own online publishing empire

Success comes to those who take action. It’s no good having a head-full of ideas but not doing anything with those ideas.



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Subscriber Tony Woodhall emailed and asked

Hi Phil,

I’m one of a group of 6 people who are designing a Botanic Garden in Mossman, QLD.  In order to raise funding for it (not-for-profit) we need marketing / business plan to seduce the funding sources. So we are looking for a not-so-expensive script writer.

Are you able to direct us in the right direction?  We all think we could each do a great job but recognize that the trained mind can be a better mind.

Cheers, Tony Woodall

Here’s my reply.


my first thought is that you could try to get a writer specialising in that kind of thing on one of the freelancing sites like:


(all dot coms)

I’ve hired people from sites like these in the past and you can get specialists cheap. But also some people might offer to do it free or very low cost because it’s a charity project. You can probably do searches on these sites to find specialist marketing / business
plan writers.

It’s not the kind of writing I could do for you because I’ve never ever written a marketing or business plan. You need someone familiar with the format.

My second thought and this could be the best option is to chance your luck on a charity fundraising site like one of these. I haven’t checked them out, except for the bottom one because I’d seen that on the news a while ago.

I know you want a plan first to kick-start your fundraising, but simply ask for help, not money, on these sites (if it’s allowed). Or ask for donations to pay for a plan to be written.

(again the below are all dot coms)


(Indiegogo is the site that made the news a few months ago for raising over $700,000 for the school  bus monitor who was verbally abused by kids on the bus)

Hope this helps a bit… phil

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I got to thinking about my old age the other day (about two weeks ahead of me if the way I feel today is any indication) and realized that as I dry up so will my income.

Are you in the same position? Or are you smarter than me?
Come on – think about it for a moment.

Most likely – seeing you are reading this – one of your major goals is to create a good online income. You might even have achieved it, or you might be slowly getting there.

But what happens if you stop marketing? Stop creating. Stop doing SEO?

What happens to your internet business if you get seriously ill? If you blow a brain fuse? If you’re in a really bad accident and end up in a hospital bed for months?

It’s not nice to think about but if you work alone (like many of us do) and your online business requires your daily participation the reality is that your income will slowly dry up, and before you know it you’ll be losing money instead of making it.

Money’s important. Money’s what it’s all about. Let’s make no bones about it – we’re all involved in this Internet marketing biz to make room-fulls of the stuff.

So don’t let’s treat money like a dirty word.

Making a good income from affiliate programs It’s all well and good but many of them are one-off sales. Promoting member-sites which pay you a commission monthly is a way around that, but I keep reading that most people drop out after a few months.

What you need to be looking at are ways of building an income that continues to flow even when you slow down. Something that self-generates, and keeps the dollars rolling in even when you have difficulty rolling out of bed in the mornings.

And just about the only way to do that is for you to be on top of the pile as the merchant.

Which takes us right back to the product I talked about at the beginning of this newsletter.

Sooner or later you have to take the action steps necessary to be the one at the top of the food chain. My own income has been seriously hit by being off ill for so long. (I’ll tell you about it one day soon, but one of the reasons is that I lost a bunch of profitable domains which expired while I was in hospital and auto renew failed because my credit card expired at the same time.

So don’t be like me. Start rising up the ranks by developing products and having dozens, or even hundreds of affiliates keeping things rolling for you.

It’s not too late for you to take action. Just take the first step and build on that.


  1. I agree with the advice about the need to become a product creator, but only up to a point. It seems to me that the lifetime of the typical downloadable manual or report is getting shorter and shorter.

    In the IM world (which is not the only niche, I know) there is such a torrent of new launches that today’s must-have product can easily end up tomorrow’s (virtual) fish-and-chip paper.

    That’s not to say that you shouldn’t create your own products, but I wouldn’t want to rely on them for my old-age pension. There are other avenues that can arguably provide a more secure long-term income, including building a mailing list, selling advertising on your site, and even AdSense.

    I guess what I would say is create your own products, by all means, but only as part of a diversified portfolio of income streams.

  2. All valid points Nick, which I should have addressed in the newsletter. Or explained my thoughts in more depth.

    I wouldn’t want to rely on them for my old-age pension either, but I reckon you can make more money faster with your own products and wisely invest the money you earn.