Letter from Phil 405 – Profiting From PLR + More

Until fairly recently I’d always shied away from selling or even using PLR material. That’s Private Label Rights to you uninitiated.

(I’m guessing that the vast majority of you already know what PLR means but a few relatives and old journo friends read my newsletter to keep up with what I’m doing these days, hence the explanation)

Some savvy big-name marketers are making 10’s even 100’s of thousands of dollars from smart investments in PLR.

– Jimmy Brown is well known for it.
– Tony Shepherd earns from it.
– Tiffany Dow does a lot of PLR business.
– Martin Avis has a PLR member site.

And a few weeks ago when I logged into Marlon Sanders affiliate program for the first time in ages I was surprised to find that even he buys and promotes PLR and has affiliates like you and me selling it for him.

PLR works because it’s the quickest way to having your own product to sell. Sure it’s a product that other people will be selling too, but multiple thousands of stores sell the same things too and that doesn’t stop them earning. That’s because they all have their own customers, their own traffic.

And it’s the same with us too. If a certain product is being sold for the same price on your site and a 100 other sites the people who like and trust you will buy from you.

And, of course, with PLR you can make changes to the sales material, add extra content, add bonuses.

It’s finding hot in demand things to sell that’s often the biggest problem. I’ve looked at hundreds of PLR offers over the past few months but haven’t been tempted by any of them until this stunning package of WordPress training videos.

This type of training is searched for a staggering 250,000 times a month, so there’s obviously a massive market for it, and for the next few days you can grab private label rights to an entire collection of very high quality WordPress tutorial vids.

You get the complete package ready to upload to your own domain and sell. The videos come with an extremely impressive webpage, and an even more impressive sales video designed to maximise your conversions.

One easy way for you to make sales from this training package is to add it to your marketing funnel. For instance when you get a new email subscriber you could offer them the videos. And if you promote anything at all to do with online business you can easily add the package as an upsell. You’d only have to make one or two sales to make your money back, so I reckon it’s a no brainer.

You might think differently of course. No one but you can get properly inside your head and know what you’re thinking.

But I’d like to suggest that even if you’re not interested in earning from PLR you need to click on my link and check out the sales page because it’s an excellent example of what a modern sales page should look like.

It both clean and lively. And though it’s long it seems really uncluttered. It should give you some ideas for juicing up the look and feel of your own sites and sales material.

Oh, I’ve just taken another look and the appeal has been spoiled a bit with the addition of a yellow warning line across the top (saying there’s a price increase in the next 48 hours). So try and ignore the top bit and enjoy the look and feel of the rest of the page.

# # #

My amazing daughter Kate, who quit her job as an ABC News journo a few years ago to have a series of adventures in Europe and Africa, now earns her living as a freelance business writer.

She’s only been working part-time because of having a baby but now that her lovely little daughter Elliana is nearly two years old and having fun at day care a few times a week,
Kate has the time to take on 1 or 2 new clients.

She’s not the cheapest around but the writing she’ll do for you is exceptional. If you’d like to know her rates for website articles or reports please email me (and outline what the writing will be used for) and I’ll pass your details on to her.

She’s fast. Very good. And knows how to write content that the search engines love and people happily share on social media.

# # #

Here’s a great freebie for you from well-known UK marketer Peter Twist.

Peter is offering you the entire set of “Kindle With A Twist” – his Kindle publishing video series – for free.

He normally sells it at $97 but right now all you have to do is ask for it.

(That’s not an affiliate link because there’s nothing at all for sale. It’s just to show Peter which of his friends told you about his great offer)

The videos concentrate on showing you how to make a good profit from the Kindle store, and as far as I can see they cover everything.

But there’s more. Peter is also including an 80 minute video presentation by Gavin & Ingrid McCoy (filmed at one of Pete’s UK seminars) where they talk about how they went from zero on Kindle to quickly selling over 8000 copies of their book.

Grab it for free while you can. There’s no catch. Yep you’ll be added to Peter’s email list but that’s no bad thing because he’s one of the good guys and full of knowledge about this game.

Right, that’s it for today. Look out for another newsletter from me towards the end of the week.