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Letter from Phil – 404
A few weeks ago in the Warrior Forum there was a WSO (special offer) for a huge graphics package. For a few minutes – as I scrolled through all the images offered – I was tempted to buy it.

But really I knew that I’d never use 99% of them because they didn’t quite fit into the niches I operate in, plus so many other people would be using the same graphics.

You need to be different – so that your graphics stand out – rather than using images your customers see on hundreds of other sites.

The other big reason is that I could easily do the graphics myself with the software I’ve used for years, creating them with either Photoshop or The Logo Creator.

Photoshop though is a memory hogging overkill for creating a banner or website header, so for the vast majority of web work I use Logo Creator because it’s fast and very
simple to use. You’ll find it very useful.

For the next few days, maybe a bit longer, it’s on offer for under $40, which is an amazingly price for what it can do. (The price is increasing every few sales)

One thing I should point out – don’t let the name put you off by making you think it’s only for creating logos.

That’s only one of the features. You can easily create blog headers, website images, and much more. And the quality is incredible. You really need to check out the samples on the front page of the site. Awesome quality, plus there are over 200 templates included + hundreds of graphic elements you can use.

So stop using graphics someone else has made and create your own unique ones with Logo Creator


Apart from quickly creating top-notch images for your own sites and products you could quickly recoup the $30 something you spend by selling graphics you create on Fiverr.

You can create sets of niche themed graphics and sell them as a WSO.

I’m sure you can think of many more ways to profit from using this very low-cost graphics software.

# # #

I answered a question in a forum last week and thought it might help you a bit too. So here it is.

The Question:

“I struggle with finding time to write lots of posts because I have a full-time job, so time is tight to concentrate on writing…”

My Answer:
The only way to do it is stop doing something you’re already doing. So if you watch tv for an hour in the evening quit watching. The watching tv might be family time, I don’t know, but if it is just sit there with a notebook and pen and sort of half watch tv and scribble down article drafts.
Years ago back when I had a full-time job I got up at 4am every morning and wrote as fast as I could until about 6 when my daughter woke up and raced through and jumped on me for a hug. I got a LOT done in those 2 hours.

When you’re at work always have a little notebook in your pocket and if you get an idea write it down. No idea what you do for a job, but if you’re meaning to get into this internet marketing stuff full-time start finding ways you can write at work some of the time. You could start taking a lot longer in the toilet – lock yourself in and write as fast as you can. If you’re out driving around talk to yourself and record it then transcribe it later.

I just looked at your comment again and saw that you stare at spreadsheets all day (my version of hell) so no doubt you have to concentrate while you’re doing that. But if you get lunch breaks get out of the office into the nearest cafe that’s not full of co-workers, get a coffee and write as fast as you can. Doesn’t matter what you write – don’t try to make it finished  copy just get it out of your head as fast as you can because then you’ll achieve a lot more. If you don’t keep stopping to correct mistakes or rewrite bits you’ll fill pages of a small notebook and that’ll make you feel good. Fix up mistakes and improve it later.
I put up a piece on my blog a couple of weeks ago about an Australian (that’s where I live even though I’m a Yorkshire bloke like Tony) who wrote and sells an ebook in the niche you’re writing about. It hardly took him any time because it was put together from stuff he’d already written for his blog and business, and he makes hundreds of dollars a month from it selling it on Clickbank, and has been for a year or so. Here’s a link to the article.

Scroll down to the “Selling on Clickbank Still Works” bit.

Not trying to sell you anything. There’s nothing there to buy. Just a bit of a story about how he did it. Hope this helps a bit

End of Answer.

And also the end of this weeks issue.

See you next week.



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