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Genius. Just sheer genius.
Marlon Sanders

Superb tips in your newsletter again!
Original, insightful and actionable….your newsletter has shot into my top 5 “must reads”
Neil Shearing

Veteran marketer Phil Wiley was one of my earliest mentors. His newsletter inspired me to create my own. He was already going strong back in 1999, when I started publishing this one. You might want to subscribe to his newsletter while you’re there, because he’s the original that started it all. Michael Campbell

Phil produces an excellent ezine called Letter from Phil, which he only writes very erratically, but is always worth reading.Martin Avis

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“Phil, thanks for being an inspiration, for spreading humor and wit and brilliance!”  Sherman Hu

Note: unlike some ‘lists’ you subscribe to you’re not going to get a deluge of hyped up emails from me. I won’t be sending you sales pitches for every new product released. And often its weeks, or even many months, between newsletter issues to stop you getting bored with me 🙂


Phil Wiley in London

“Your newsletter is one of the handful I read and still subscribe to. And have for many years. In an internet world of pure rubbish and me me me. You always give value and inspiration to your readers. Thank you.” Kathleen

“While going through pages of crap, deleting messages left and right, I come across your newsletter and (as always) stop everything else I’m doing to focus on your message.” Marko

“Phil, I just wanted you to know what a light and inspiration you’ve been to many of us out here, trying to make sense of how to make our business work in the online environment. Your newsletters have been so refreshing and honest –and helpful.”  Nancy Boyd

“Phil, you’re one of a kind. Not only are you one of the classiest guys I know but you’re a real and honest voice in an industry otherwise filled with hype and self-promotion.” Peter Bresko.

“Yours are definitely one of the emails I always open . Quality not quantity !” Bonnie



  1. Kerry Richards says:

    I just wish you’d write more often Phil because I always look forward to learning from you and following your recommendations. Even when it’s a product I can’t afford to buy I’m still tempted, because I KNOW that you don’t just spin a sales pitch to make commissions. If you did that you would be emailing us all the time like other ezine writers do. You have so much knowledge, so please write more in 2009

    Kerry (we met in London at WIS. I was the blond you had a coffee with) xx

  2. look forward to the info?

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