Creating HyperLocal sites

Creating HyperLocal sites – Part 2 (Part 1 was featured in my newsletter, Letter from Phil issue 397) Creating hyperlocal sites is in so much demand that Cardiff University in Wales is setting up a centre of excellence. The centre will provide training and advice in areas such as media law and digital technology. Manager Emma Meese said (to […]

Words to live by

  These are words to live by and work by. Think about these words when you’re working on a product to sell online.

Procrastination – the video

A lovely video about something we’re all guilty of at times – from Royal Academy of Art graduate John Kelly

Twitter Offline Marketing

I’ve been having a bit of a Twitter week. I got myself a Twitter name ages ago,  but that was just to stop someone else using my name and pretending to be me to push out spammy affiliate links. So until a few days ago I managed to just about ignore Twitter, deciding it’s would […]

Forest Fires Update

Lots of people have emailed me this past week asking about the fires, and checking that I survived and got though them without the house burning down. Yes both the house and I survived. But only just 🙂 The fires burnt the bushes at the end of the garden, and the house was full of […]


Mt Archer, the mountain I live on is on fire, and I’ve just spent most of the night awake, spraying the outside of my Oregon Pine house with water to keep it cool and damp, and dousing the flying embers which kept landing on the roof and veranda’s. Right now, it’s 7am, the wind has […]

quit your job

Quit your job Is it possible to quit your job in ninety days? Tony Shepherd, the author of this free report (value $97) did it in 97 days. I met up with Tony in England recently, and talked with him on camera on the very subject this free blueprint is about – how to quickly […]

Back in Australia

If you’ve been trying to get in touch with me, I’ve been offline for much of the past couple of weeks. (Tip: if you want to contact me use the Contact form on this site rather than seeking out one of my overwhelmed email addresses) Anway, I’ve been offline because my dad somehow managed to knock […]