Letter from Phil…357 – July 17th 2007 – Killer videos and success stories

ten days or so ago, I wrote to you about Affiliate Video Brander software, and gave you a few links to sample branded videos I’d put up as a test. Well today I’d like to continue with the online video theme. There’s other stuff as well, of course. 1 Killer Video Creation 2 Stay away […]

Letter from Phil…356 – July 2nd 2007 – Affiliate Video Brander + Blogging To The Bank

After a week away, staying in a posh hotel with an even posher restaurant (Siggi’s at the Stamford Plaza, Brisbane, Australia) and buying so many business books and magazines in Borders that I had to pay excess baggage charges on the flight home, I feel recharged and…well, buzzing. But there’s such a thing as too much buzzing, […]

Letter from Phil…355 – June 7th 2007

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into starting a membership site, which is why you haven’t heard from me for weeks now. I know that over the past year or so, as people are becoming more used to the idea of paying for online content, membership sites have become one of the trendy […]

Letter from Phil – 354 -Goodbye!

1. Goodbye to Silence…my PLR interview. 2. Goodbye forum. 3. Affiliate cookie setting. 4. Free IQ – yes or no? 5. Slick salesmen in action. 6. Residual earnings from low-traffic sites. ____________________________ I’ve always been a bit on the shy side when it comes to talking, turning down all offers to speak at seminars or […]

Letter from Phil – 353 – niche marketing on crack

Letter from Phil…353 – Mar 8th 2007 Niche marketing on crack ebook Finding new products on Clickbank tip Botcandy reserved copies. Forum Spam Killed Off. Interesting reading from the print media. Help Mike Blackwell. Hi seeing it’s so long since I’ve written a ‘proper’ newsletter, here’s a really long one. There’s tons in it, so […]