Letter from Phil – 402 Why You Need A Mailing List

The Connection Between Eat Pray Love and Rotherham United Football Club + Why You Need A Mailing List +  Selling Ebooks On Clickbank Still Works. Congratulations to my old mate Grant Shapps. Last week the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, appointed Grant to one of the most powerful positions in the UK – chairman of Britain’s Conservative Party. Most of you will […]

Letter from Phil – issue 401 – UK Workshop

Here’s an issue mainly of interest to my UK readers (though there is some other stuff) Right, let’s get on with it. Here’s what you’ll find below. 1. The Best Ever Internet Marketing Workshop. 2. More on WordPress Security plugins. 3. A superb niche video theme for WordPress As usual it’s a bit long. Even […]

Letter from Phil – issue 400 Newbie to $350k

Newbie to $350k + 10th Anniversary of Quitting my Job A really short one today because I’m still recovering from the operation I had last week. But I couldn’t hold off on writing this issue because yesterday was the 10th anniversary of quitting my job to work online 🙂 

Letter from Phil – issue 399

Letter from Phil – 399 – journalism and content creation, a clever use of words, essential WordPress security plugins, plus I’m heading into hospital Had to go for a blood test a few days ago. Not nice at the best of times but the two people ahead of me both fainted. To take my mind […]

Letter from Phil – issue 398

Letter from Phil – issue 398 –  A quick look at Kindling – resident social media expert meeting – and a stuffup using the WordPress code editor A quick note about a WSO I saw yesterday while lurking on the Warrior forum (I’m often there, but I rarely take part in discussions).

Letter from Phil – issue 397

Creating Hyperlocal Sites Have you considered setting up a truly local publishing venture? Depending on where you live, you could find yourself with a roaring success on your hands. A couple of weeks ago the UK’s Sunday Times ran a feature story in the small business section about two men in a small district of north […]

Letter from Phil issue 396

A while between newsletters again. Sorry about that. Just as I was starting to get better from my increased medication, fate and my shattered immune system decided to have a laugh at my expense and give me a nasty case of incredibly painfull shingles in one of the worst places possible.

Letter from Phil issue 395 My first local marketing job

Below you’ll find some more of my thoughts on content creation, as promised in the previous issue, but I’m saving the Pinterest piece I mentioned until the next issue, because I’ve been busy doing something entirely different.