Letter from Phil – issue 410 – simple member sites

Over the years I’ve bought lots of membership site software with the intention of starting a member site. But something (most often my lack of technical expertise and insistence on doing it all myself) always got in the way. So even though I know that a member site is the best way of making a […]

Letter from Phil – issue 409 – A free lesson from Marlon

Letter from Phil – issue 409 The other day I told Marlon Sanders that my daughter Kate had just returned home from the KISS2 workshop in London and said he was the hit of the show, even though he wasn’t there in person and just did a 10 minute presentation by video link. “The audience […]

Letter from Phil – 408 – Make a Connection

A lot of internet marketing success comes from making connections. Things happen when you’ve got connections. It’s easier of course in these Facebook and LinkedIn days, but still nothing beats the business connections you meet in person. Matt Garrett kindly sent me a copy of his “Ultimate Social” Wordpress plugin yesterday, just because I once bought him […]

Letter from Phil – issue 407 – Start From Now

It’s almost a year since the last issue. Now I’m back and things are changing. “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” Carl Bard. After my long illness something has changed and I’ve come back to life again. I’ll […]

Letter from Phil – 406 – Your Rise to the Top

I Know You Want To Become A Product Creator Since I started regularly writing my newsletter again, and pointing you towards useful tools and training, by far the biggest selling product I’ve talked about was The 4 Hour Product. This shows me that many of you are (quite rightly) interested in creating and profiting from your own products. That product, […]

Letter from Phil 405 – Profiting From PLR + More

Until fairly recently I’d always shied away from selling or even using PLR material. That’s Private Label Rights to you uninitiated. (I’m guessing that the vast majority of you already know what PLR means but a few relatives and old journo friends read my newsletter to keep up with what I’m doing these days, hence the explanation) Some […]

Letter from Phil 404 Graphics + Finding Time

Letter from Phil – 404 A few weeks ago in the Warrior Forum there was a WSO (special offer) for a huge graphics package. For a few minutes – as I scrolled through all the images offered – I was tempted to buy it. But really I knew that I’d never use 99% of them because they didn’t quite […]

Letter from Phil – 403 – keywords and niches

For a while I’ve been meaning to write shorter but more frequent newsletters. So here’s the first short (ish) one. Now let’s see if I can boost the frequency. By the way, I’ve starting posting a lot more on Facebook recently, so if you’re not yet my friend on there please jump on and say hello. […]