Next Generation Affiliate

As all my online business friends know, it’s ages and ages since I did much ‘work’. But at the moment I’m feeling more energetic (even though it’s heading towards summer here in Australia and it’s usually the heat that does me in)   Anyway while I’ve got the energy I’m doing stuff. You might think I’ve […]

My smallest ever affiliate commission and my biggest

Just made my smallest affiliate commission in 13 plus years of online marketing 🙂 Though at least it gave me a laugh 🙂 and I didn’t have to do anything new to earn it because it was from a 2-tier program for Profits Theme, which I promoted in my newsletter a couple of weeks ago […]

27 Tips to increase your affiliate commissions

Affiliate expert, Jimmy Brown has released a low-cost ebook detailing 27 ways that you can increase your affiliate commissions. Even though I’ve been earning my income from affiliate marketing for many years, I’m impressed with many of the ideas and tips in it and had a few of those “A-ah, why didn’t I think of […]

The importance of residual income

It’s only when you can’t work for a while that the importance of having a number of recurring revenue streams really hit home. Even though I’ve done hardly been able to do anything since April my earnings have hardly faltered. This is because: a) many of the affiliate programs I concentrate on promoting are those […]