Sarah Staar Success Story

I’m really happy that Sarah Staar has said, near the start of the video on Replace your Day Job, that the detailed step-by-step advice I gave her in a bar in London about 5 years back is the reason she become so successful so quickly. She’s now one of the most successful and well-known online entrepreneurs in […]

How to get free publicity

How to get free publicity – tell a story Years ago when I was a professional layabout and would-be novelist back in Yorkshire, and earning the odd crust writing for magazines and newspapers, I learned the value of a good story. One day I invented “The World Ferret Legging Champion” and earned so much from the […]

My Pinterest Quiz

My Pinterest Quiz + making money (note: this was written in April 2012. What worked then might not work quite the same way now. I’d also like to say that personally I’ve found Pinterest drives very few visitors to my websites – not that I’ve tried hard.) Here’s the quiz part first.

You make your own luck

You make your own good luck For a laugh, or perhaps to wind me up, one of my old newspaper colleagues sent me this photo the other day. My nickname on the last paper I worked on was ‘Lucky Phil’ because I was always in the right place at the right time to get a […]

Making money in the recession – a story and ideas

A long-time friend of mine sent me this email yesterday. I found it depressing, but that’s probably because we’ve been friends for many years. Hi Phil Listen. I want to make money online like you do. We need money. This recession in England sucks, everything is getting so expensive. You wouldn’t believe the price of […]

A recession proof business success story

Here’s a related recession-beating piece I wrote 5 years ago (with an update at the bottom) I’m into business success stories in a big way, and I read a great one in The Australian newspaper the other day, about a young woman called Katrina Allen, who is the only woman in the world (according to […]