Content Goldmine

In May 2004 Ryan Deiss and Jimmy Brown launched a new membersite called Nicheology. It sold out pretty quickly, but I was luckyenough to get inside and I’ve been a member ever since.<!–adsense–>It’s such great value that there’s a continuous waiting list to join. Well now they’ve done it again with a new site called […]

Is there a shortcut to a high search engine ranking?

"There MUST be a fast, smart, easy way to get a high ranking (eg in Google) for a range of selected keywords?" a reader of my Letter from Phil newsletter asked me today. The bad news is there’s no short cut to getting ranked high except from getting a lot of backlinks to your site […]

xsitepro success story

Got a great email today from Paul Smithson, the creator of XsitePro. I haven’t told him I’m posting this here, so I hope he doesn’t mind 🙂 Hi PhilI wanted to thank you for all your help last year.Meeting you in Starbucks in Leeds was quite a catalyst as it was after that meeting that […]

Where’s the forum gone?

What’s happened is that one particular poster (whose identity we don’t know) got abusive, so we did everything we could to ban him from posting. However, because we were using an old script we had limited banning options. To cut a long story short this person then turned to using automated blog posting tools, using […]

do you need an opt-in list?

Someone asked me by email today:  "doesn’t the profitability hinge on having a good opt-in list(s)" Here’s my answer: well a good opt in list really helps, but I make money every day from web sites that don’t collect email addresses. For instance, I’ve made $105.56 in the past week selling health books from a […]

why you should be self employed and working from home

You get to eat all the time. You can take 6 or more naps a day. You can spend hours watching daytime TV (as if you’d want to) You can walk about in the nude when it’s hot. You don’t need to shower. You can spend all day looking at naughty sites without getting fired […]

Spyware Problem?

Someone just made this post on my forum "One of my blogs is showing Kontera links…but I’ve never signed up for Kontera!!! This is really weird. Is it possible that someone "hijacked" my blog and is using their code on my site? Has anyone else had this happen?" —————————– I had an immediate answer, because […]

the ultimate site building software

I guess you’ve noticed that I’ve not been online much in the past month. Well, all year actually 🙂 That’s because, unlike most “internet marketers” who seem to blast you with a sales-pitch email every day or two, I prefer to earn my living building sites and “doing” instead of selling. And to be frank, […]