My smallest ever affiliate commission and my biggest

Just made my smallest affiliate commission in 13 plus years of online marketing 🙂

Though at least it gave me a laugh 🙂 and I didn’t have to do anything new to earn it because it was from a 2-tier program for Profits Theme, which I promoted in my newsletter a couple of weeks ago in issue 390

And while I’m at it here’s my biggest ever nonexistent affiliate commission


Nonexistent affiliate commission?

Yep, the email (along with another for $142.49) was sent to me by mistake when they were working on the affiliate system. Seeing I get regular payments from Nicheology I didn’t query until a few weeks later when I noticed the money hadn’t been paid into my Paypal account.

Mark from Nicheology quickly got back to me with an apology and explanation:

“We were having some work done on the system we use for our sales and affiliate platform. Someone went in and checked and clicked something they shouldn’t have. Consequently, an email (sometimes 2) was sent out to every affiliate saying they were paid in full.”

Ok, fair enough. Mistakes happen. Though if I’d been desperate for the money I’m sure I’d have been mightily upset.

And my biggest ever affiliate commission? A real one this time 🙂

Well my biggest back in the days when I had a job was just over $13,000 earned with one email. At the time I was making under $1k a week in my day job. So I was kind of chuffed.

And my biggest ever affiliate commission? $63,000 which made its way into my Paypal account over 3 days, most of it in the first few hours of sending out a promo email which took maybe an hour to write.

No doubt I could have made even more if I was the kind of affiliate who promotes over-hyped product launches by sending out a string of over hyped emails. But sadly I’m not.

BTW after making that $63k Paypal froze my account for making too many transactions in such a short period of time. I’d probably have made lots more if people had been able to keep buying via my link.

Oh, one more thing. If you’re interested in Nicheology (and you should be because over the years it’s been directly responsible for me making a fortune – not from affiliate sales of Nicheology – but by modifying and selling the high quality niche PLR material I get from the site as a member, which is something you could do too) here’s a ‘backdoor’ into the Nicheology member site which is usually cheaper than the price you see on the frontpage.