A recession proof business success story

Here’s a related recession-beating piece I wrote 5 years ago (with an update at the bottom)

katrina-allenI’m into business success stories in a big way, and I read a great one in The Australian newspaper the other day, about a young woman called Katrina Allen, who is the only woman in the world (according to the paper) with her own tampon company.

Katrina started it because she wanted a recession proof business…and apart from food there aren’t many things more recession proof.

Well actually getting into this particular business was her dads idea. When she was talking to him about quitting her job and opening her own business he said that tampons were bound to be a recession proof business because most women use them.

And now Katrina, with her company De Jour Sanitary Products, is showing the multinationals that she can compete on their terms.

A David against Goliath kind of story. Well more of a Doris against Geraldine story I guess, but I’m sure you get the point.

And to get to the point of this little story…well it’s just something she said in the interview that tickled my fancy:

when you’ve got a dream, and you know your dream is right and you’re passionate about it, sometimes you need to do everything to make it happen

Ok, that’s the end of the little story about Katrina.

Now for a bit of my homespun philosophy:

Is your dream right? Are you passionate about what you’re doing online? Are you excited about it?


Can’t keep away from your computer?

Because if you’re not, you’re probably not going to succeed at whatever it is you’re doing.

If you need to make changes, make them.

Stop wasting time on things you’re not passionate about.

Spend time on things you love doing.

I LOVE all this Internet stuff. But I also work darned hard.

You’re not going to find success until you can combine the LOVE and the WORK.


I know I’ll get some flames for mentioning women’s “things” but so be it. They’re a fact of life and I’m just glad I don’t need them.



Katrina sold over $3,000,000 worth of product in 2008

Quote: (When asked what advice she’d give to people starting their first business) Katrina said:

Have a good idea, without a good idea it won’t work. Secondly if running your own business was easy then everyone would do it so never, never give up

Too true.


  1. Shelley Lockwood says:

    Hey Phil,

    Just wanted to say thanks! Too many people are selling (especially online) the idea of easy money. It’s refreshing to hear someone being honest about hard work. Though, if it’s at something you’re passionate about it doesn’t always seem like hard work.

    RE: “know I’ll get some flames for mentioning womens “things” but so be it. They’re a fact of life and I’m just glad I don’t need them.”

    Forget flaming, consumables (no matter their purpose) are the way to go! And yes, you should be glad you don’t need them (this of course coming from a woman who knows).

    • Shelley

      you’re right, there’s far too much hype and easy money talk on the Internet.

      And that gets people depressed, or giving up, when they fail to meet their unrealistic fast income goals.

      The sooner people realize that working online is the same as running any other kind of business (needs skills, effort and time, and investment) the better.

      I know I’m guilty of a little hype myself sometimes, but I try to avoid it and feel bad when I read something I’ve written and see I’d been too pushy with my promo.

      I also refuse to promote anything I haven’t reviewed or used. The ‘make money online’ niche would be a far better place if everyone did that rather than hyping every new thing that comes out.


  2. Terry Ackroyd says:

    The most effective and remembered speech ever given at a school speech day was given by Winston Churchill.

    “I have only nine words to say to you boys today.

    Never give up
    Never give up
    Never, never, never.”

    At which point he sat down again. I bet that speech was remembered by every boy for the rest of their lives. It sums it all up really

    • Terry

      that’s the kind of speech I’d like to hear at Internet Marketing seminars sometimes. Well not just the kind of speech – the EXACT speech.

      Too many people give up too easily, and move on to the next hyped thing.