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My Pinterest Quiz + making money

(note: this was written in April 2012. What worked then might not work quite the same way now. I’d also like to say that personally I’ve found Pinterest drives very few visitors to my websites – not that I’ve tried hard.)

Here’s the quiz part first. Go to my Pinterest page  (before reading the rest of this article) and open the ‘Most Popular Pins On Pinterest’ board. Now try and guess the 3 most repinned images. One of them has an almost unbelievable number. Answers at the end of this article, but no cheating. See if you can spot the most popular 🙂

Ok, on with the making money bit.

The two most common ways people are making money with Pinterest are by promoting products being sold on Amazon, and by displaying Google Adsense Ads.They’re using a few different methods to do that, but I’ll sum up the most common two below.

Pinterest and The Google Adsense Method

1. Go to Pinterest’s “Popular” page, which is an ever scrolling screen of the current most repinned images.

2. Right click them individually and save them to a folder on your computer.

3. Get yourself a new Blogger blog, and use the basic Adsense template. Many people are using the word Pinterest in the name but it cant be long before they crack down on that.

4. Upload all the images you downloaded from Pinterest to your new blog.

5. The final step is to go through your blog one by one and and pin the images that you just uploaded.

6. On each image you pin add a short basic description like “yummy” or “lovely” or “funny” or “wow I really want one of these” depending on the subject matter.

In a way it seems a bit like the early Adsense years when it was a goldmine, and readers of this ezine were pulling in many thousands of $ a week.

Of course, using the above method you’re running the risk of getting sued for copyright infringement, though it’s probably unlikely unless the images are from a stock agency (quite rightly they tend to fiercely guard against freeloaders). It could happen though, so personally I can’t recommend you follow this method.

Pinterest and the Affiliate Method

The second most popular method – and it should be without copyright risk – is to build  niche autoblogs promoting products off Amazon where your affiliate link is embedded in every image. You could do one on high end kitchen equipment for instance and call the
blog something like Amazing Kitchens. Or do one on cookbooks or something.

So when people on Pinterest click the link they’re taken to your own blog not directly to Amazon. This is because Pinterest keep changing the rules on affiliate links. Sometimes they seem to allow them, other times they remove them. Of course, adding an extra step into the process, means you wont get as many click throughs because people lose patience quickly.

The most important thing is the image, words aren’t important. Though, as in the above Adsense example, you could add words like “Wow” or “I want one” or “Just Perfect” in the pin description. Now pin them all to your Pinterest account. They won’t get as many
clicks as those from the most popular page, but they will get some, and they will make you some affiliate sales for not much work.

Just been trolling the blackhat forums to see how people who claim to be earning from Pinterest are doing it

One person went against the grain and said they do it manually

“there is no substitute for getting down and dirty into the boards. Manually liking/repinning and commenting on quality posts is the best way to go. I get hundreds of QUALITY hits per day to my sites due to me trolling through the boards and liking/repinning others posts”

But repeated time and time again is the necessity to use automation. And, already, there are plenty of Pinterest tools on the market.

Just like with any other method, selection of niche is very important. Seeing Pinterest is dominated by women you need to focus on products they desire. If you promote unrelated things, like lawnmowers, then it is not going to work for you.

Pinterest Answers: the 3 most repined photo’s (that I found) are the cauliflower pizza with 19,169 repins, the shrimp butter lemon bake with 31,844 repins, and the winner (which I would never have guessed – did you?) is the Rainbow Fruit kebabs with a huge 70,809 repins.