Next Generation Affiliate

As all my online business friends know, it’s ages and ages since I did much ‘work’. But at the moment I’m feeling more energetic (even though it’s heading towards summer here in Australia and it’s usually the heat that does me in)
Anyway while I’ve got the energy I’m doing stuff. You might think I’ve been left behind with the changes in affiliate marketing – and I will have been to some extent – but I still buy many products on the subject to keep in the loop about what works and what doesn’t. Yesterday I bought a short (75 pages) ebook about what’s working right now. And it’s excellent. Packed with advice, tips, and tactics and techniques. It’s also very cheap, and smack up-to-date. If you haven’t already bought it you should. BTW the book is only part of what you get. The package also includes 14 Videos, MP3 Audios, Presentation Slide PDFs and Checklist. And four bonus products.
Here’s my affiliate link to it:
Yep, I’ll make a commission when you buy. Some people don’t like that. So I’ll add a bonus when you buy from my link. The bonus is that I’ll give you my personal email address so you can ask me any questions you have about making money online. Those who know me know that I’ve made a lot. And I’ve got lots of contacts. So even if I don’t quite have the right answer for you I can ask my friends to help you out.

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