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Next Generation Affiliate

As all my online business friends know, it's ages and ages since I did much 'work'. But at the moment I'm feeling more energetic (even though it's heading towards summer here in Australia and it's usually the heat that does me in)   Anyway while … [Continue reading]

Sarah Staar Success Story


I'm really happy that Sarah Staar has said, near the start of the video on Replace your Day Job, that the detailed step-by-step advice I gave her in a bar in London about 5 years back is the reason she become so successful so quickly. She's … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil – issue 410 – simple member sites

Over the years I've bought lots of membership site software with the intention of starting a member site. But something (most often my lack of technical expertise and insistence on doing it all myself) always got in the way. So even though I know … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil – issue 409 – A free lesson from Marlon


Letter from Phil - issue 409 The other day I told Marlon Sanders that my daughter Kate had just returned home from the KISS2 workshop in London and said he was the hit of the show, even though he wasn’t there in person and just did a 10 minute … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil – 408 – Make a Connection


A lot of internet marketing success comes from making connections. Things happen when you've got connections. It's easier of course in these Facebook and LinkedIn days, but still nothing beats the business connections you meet in … [Continue reading]

Letter from Phil – issue 407 – Start From Now


It's almost a year since the last issue. Now I'm back and things are changing. "Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending" Carl Bard. After my long illness something has changed … [Continue reading]

illness flare-up


I've been completely out of action for the past couple of weeks. A sudden flare-up of my Dermatomyositis has left me weak and sleeping 20 hours a day. It came completely out of the blue. One morning I woke up and found myself struggling to get … [Continue reading]